Albeit both my trips to Nottingham being short throughout the month of February, I still got to see some of the pretty things the city had to offer. 

Cute quirky little cafes situated in alley ways and I got to see people celebrating the Chinese New Year whilst having some really good Chinese food. 

A picture says a thousand words so I’ll leave you with some images of the pretty Nottingham and you can see a video of my visit here ☺️ 

Zoë x


BR: All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places. Words come flooding my brain as I try to think of how best to describe this book.

I’ve only ever felt so emotionally touched by words on a page a handful of times. 

First time was Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, second was the trilogy of His Dark Materials and then here in bed after finishing All the Bright Places. 

It’s the roller coaster that starts off with curiousity, intrigue, happiness, and ends with a jolt of sadness that you could have seen coming but you still don’t want to accept towards the end of the book.

For those of you who are considering reading this book, don’t hesitate and jump straight in. 

I will not post any spoilers or discuss the plot of the book, but mainly speak about the essence of what Jennifer Niven conveys with her words.

The book follows the life of two teenagers, a boy and a girl, which sounds sweet but the main story focuses on how one of them is battling a mental illness.

It’s so hard to move past the stigma people have placed around those two words. Mental illness. 

People are led to believe that admitting something’s wrong with their thoughts or admitting they’re sad for no reason all the time is wrong and that mental illness is for crazy people.

This is something society on a universal scale needs to tackle. 

I’m scared about the way society moves sometimes, how people like the main character, Theodore Finch, try to run away from the labels society places on them, when they don’t need to. 

No one should be labelled. And no one should be persecuted about something that is completely out of their control.

It’s books like All the Bright Places that will begin to teach society about opening up to mental illness and knowing how to deal with a loved one who’s sick. When I say sick, I don’t mean it in a negative way, but having a mental illness is just like having the flu or a virus you can’t shake off.

You still love and take care of the person, not shun them away and pretend it’s puberty.

I hope that 2016 sees people embracing their mental illnesses, taking the correct treatment and not being ashamed about any of it, because it’s not their fault. 

Score: 10/10


Zoë x

Book Review: The World Before Us

I have many goals I want to accomplish this year. 

Reading at least one book a month is one of them. January was hard but I’m currently on a 3 and a half hour bus ride back to Sheffield so I’ll say it was an easy task to finish the book I was reading.

The world before us is a book about a woman, Jane, who experienced a tragedy at the age of 15. But now as a 34 year archivist in London we see her life through the eyes of the author as well as narrated by ghosts that are linked to Jane.

There are many short descriptions you can find online to help elaborate more on what I’ve said, especially on goodreads. There’s a very detailed description of the book on the New York Times

Alas I won’t continue to write about what the book is about, but about what I feel now that I’ve finished it.

Initially I borrowed this book from the Sheffield library as it mentioned the story taking place in Yorkshire, which is where I just moved to. So I was intrigued by the affiliation with my new home county and decided to take it out of the library for a while.

Now, if you’re reading this to gauge whether or not this is worth reading, my only answer is do it. It’s a complicated book which leaves you with many unanswered questions. But that just highlights the beauty of life. How nothing really gets answered.
I feel sad we didn’t get to see how Jane’s life progressed but I’m also annoyed about her escapades with a 19-year old boy from a village. It might have been light hearted fun for the author to include but I felt like it was out of place and the pages used up to talk about the boy could have been used to help find out more about the past.

If I was being truthful I did enjoy the book but wish the author went into a bit more depth at the end to not leave readers so lost when the final page was turned.

Score: 6/10


Zoë x

Snow ❄️

January 16th was a day to remember for me. Coming from a tiny island means I’ve never really had the pleasure of experiencing snow and all the fun times that come with snowball fights and building snowmen.

I’m pretty good at building a sand castle though.

Here are some photos from the night 😁

You can also check out the video I made here! 😀
Zoë x

Oops.. My bad

So clearly I fail at blogging. I started this account five months ago and sort of… Forgot about it.

BUT I have a very valid excuse, which is I moved country! Although it’s a missed opportunity to not have blogged the stress and terrifying moments of going from an island of 400,000 people to a country with over 50 million people… I’m grateful I didn’t. 

I took the time of unemployment and house hunting to just.. Be me. A lonely Malteser trying to figure out her way around. Seeing as I’m in a city that has a population bigger than what Malta could ever have, it took me some time to adjust. 

I’m happy now, and feel like life has finally started to settle somewhat so a light bulb went off and reminded me, I love to document things.

Ergo internet I am back to my YouTube channel, back to blogging and putting too much information of my life on to the Internet and I do hope you enjoy the story telling.

You’re welcome to join in on the journey but for now may the pizza be with you🍕
Here’s a photo of Sheffield for you 🎉


Hot drinks in summer? Bootea edition. 

I’m not a big fan of hot drinks unless it’s a cold December night and I’m in my knitwear. That is when I’ll find it appropriate to have scorching hot flavoured water.

But since I’ve been trying to be healthy the past year I’ve warmed up (pun intended) to the idea of cleansing teas and I started stock piling different flavoured green teas and pomegranate tea ❤️ 

Through the scavenger hunt of purchasing different teas from Holland & Barrett I discovered this: Bootea Detox tea and I actually really like it!

I couldn’t find that many reviews about it but what I saw was mainly positive so I decided to try it.

This is my second box after two months and not only is the taste great but it actually makes you feel better.

I’m not going to go into how it works but after 14 days you feel a bit less gross on the inside and just a bit healthier. 

Of course I say this keeping in mind that I work out 4-5 times a week so that obviously helps! If you take the tea without doing anything different in your life then don’t really expect much out of it. 

If not working out just try to eat a healthier diet (:



Starting again?

It’s funny, fourteen year old me was obsessed with getting every word that popped into her brain down in a blog post, yet here I am at 22 nervous to even edit my Header Image.

It’s nice not giving a shit, but let’s face it, I do care about others knowing what I’m thinking about now-a-days. With our generation, social media is our world. We know what everyone is doing/ will be doing / did just by scrolling through their Facebook Newsfeed or Instagram.

Being an avid stalker myself, I can easily have someone from my past pop into my brain and I’ll just type away till I figure out what they’ve been up to the past ten years.

But this year marks my lucky birthday, the big 23. Little me always thought I’d have my shit together by now… Yeaaah. No.

So I want to document this year through a series of blog posts, videos (possibly if I ever manage to buy a laptop to edit on), and pictures. To remember the awesome adventures I go on as well as setting new goals for myself.

Little me had many goals to achieve by the time I had my lucky year, but clearly little me was naive.

Now, I’m just excited to see if I can keep this up, and what it will be like to look back at my unknowing past self.

For now, farewell internet humans!

P.S. Here’s a picture of the sea a few days ago when I went swimming with my girls. Yes, I know it’s gorgeous #MaltaLife