The Stress of Expectancy

It’s 2017, I’m 24, a graduate living abroad and still feel the pressure of society bearing down on me.

Millenials are lazy, millennials are spoilt, millennials don’t work hard enough. That’s all we hear from the older generation, isn’t it? “They don’t know what they’re doing with their life”. Well.. Yeah, cause I’m 24 and I don’t even know what I want for dinner yet let alone what I’m going to do the rest of my life.

Interviewers ask you where you want to be in five years time. What? Do you know? Isn’t this a bit of an outdated way of recruiting someone? I have no clue where I’ll be in a month or a year unless you employ me. Five years? You’re kind of pushing it there buddy.

We all obviously want to be in work, getting money and being happy. But how realistic is that? Employers expect you to be happy when they never listen to what you need to say. They expect you to work and dedicate your life to a company that could blink and replace you.

Our generation isn’t lazy, we just don’t have enough jobs to apply to even if we have a degree. We’re not spoilt, we’re scared. Scared of being made redundant for no reason. Worried because housing prices are up but wages aren’t. We don’t work hard enough because we’re not all inspired to.

It would be lovely to be self-employed, but how many people manage to make that work and still pay for bills?

I could never be ungrateful for any job I got, because who’s stupid enough to do that? But sometimes it would really help if society stopped expecting us to know what we’re doing the rest of our life, or to not call in sick, and to want to leave the office on time and not work unpaid overtime.

We’re not the baby boomer generation and never will be.

Millenials strive in adversity and try to find hope when there isn’t any. Brexit and Trump are a clear example of that. Our voice was not heard when we advocated for unity, peace, and diversity.

We may fail, but we strive. We just need you to stop expecting us to be perfect.


4 thoughts on “The Stress of Expectancy

  1. Very true and genuine post! I can’t stand people being negative about the new generation! Let’s leave everyone explore life with no judgement or overrated expectations! Love u xx


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