One Year Later..

25th September 2015.

It’s quite an important date in my calendar now. It’s the day I finished packing my bags (in true procrastinator style) bid farewell to my family and friends (many tears were shed), and got on a plane to the unknown.

Yes, I love a flare of the dramatic if you can’t already tell.

I quit my job in Malta and moved. Unemployed and without the tiniest clue of what Sheffield even looked like, except for the nice images on google, I started my adventure abroad.

It might not sound scary now as I sit on my nice and comfy sofa, with my nice new Macbook, but I was fucking shitting myself this time last year.

Apart from this boy I loved who lived here, I had no idea what else was going to happen. I moved in with him and started applying for anything and everything. Getting advise from everyone who wanted to give it to me, I tried hundreds of sites, recruitment agencies, temp offices, bars, ANYTHING.

I had (and still do not have) any idea what I really want to be doing with life, so anything at the time sounded appealing. Sure I wanted to work in the arts, but fuck fuck fuck is it hard to get a job with the theatre anywhere.

In my second week, I got robbed very nicely at dinner as I met a group of my boyfriend’s friends. I was devastated. It’s the most horrible feeling ever to have everything that you tie to your identity taken away from you. My ID, drivers licence, MONEY (so much money), visa, cards, e11, etc etc.. You get the message!

Anyway the cliche moment is here, looking back at this year, I can’t believe how lucky I have been to go through the experiences I did. I had a shit job with a good company for 8 months, which was demoralising but paid my rent. I cried a lot and didn’t feel very confident, but now I’m three months into a job I love with colleagues who couldn’t be more amazing to me.

Yes, I miss my family every single day and knowing I’ve been away for a full year is weird, and intimidating, but I’m so proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish. Big headed? I think I’ve earnt it after this year.
I’m the same yet I’m a whole different person, I have the same morals but my outlook on everything is so much more different. I’m grateful for all the people I’ve met in the past year, grateful for all the experiences I’ve had to go through, good and bad, and forever grateful to Dec and my family for supporting and lifting me up when I thought I couldn’t possibly keep going on this journey.

I could rant on forever about the different things that have happened, but I don’t think you care about them all so I’ll stop here and save your eyes the screen time.

Thanks for reading and supporting me just by being there, to another great year 🙂





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