Operation Crucible

I definitely judged this play by its cover. It was the poster that had initially attracted me to want to buy tickets. As our lovely Sheffield Theatres offer £5 tickets to people under the age of 26, and I’m always poor, I thought this would definitely be worth a watch.

And I was right. What a performance!

“Sheffield was on fire. It was glowing orange, like hell, like a furnace, like steel.”

That is the quote displayed on the poster, intriguing is it not?

The play itself centres around 4 men in WWII, producing steel, and experiencing the war. Now, not only is the dialogue witty and hilarious, but the story takes you on a literal roller coaster ride.

As the audience laughs ebb away from a joke shared, bombs and screams startled us back into the reality of the time these men were facing. The problems. The fear.

It’s crazy how it sucks you in, and the lighting was also a fantastic contribution to this. Dim lights, switch instantly to bright factory working lights and quickly back to darkness as they’re found trapped under rubble after a bomb hits the building they’re hiding in.

It was fast-paced all the way, with a very clear study of how steel work was produced in the 1940s. Kieran Knowles created this play and hats off to his creativity.

Definitely worth 5/5 in my eyes (if my reviews actually counted for anything!)

Operation Crucible.jpg

Sorry for the blurry image but I had to wait till everyone left to take a picture without looking like a total idiot!





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