BR: Before the Fire

I’ve put off writing about this book for three weeks now. Before I get into the details, I have to admit, I only read half this book and scanned through the rest.

Why? Cause it was just that bad. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve read a book I didn’t enjoy from start to (semi) finish.

The book is the story about two boys in Manchester who want to escape to (surprise surprise) Spain, which was already very stereotypical to me, so I was like she couldn’t have made their adventure a bit less normal? Maybe they wanted to escape to another country that doesn’t already house about 1 million Brits..

Anyway, I could have forgiven that if the book wasn’t filled with such foul language. Hypocritical coming from a girl who swears like an old drunk truck driver. BUT a lot of the swearing was so unnecessarily used. It’s like when you say a joke and keep repeating fuck in the comedic spaces. Just, no. Over doing it is just not entertaining.

Then, one of them (this isn’t a spoiler) gets killed after a night out… How random! I understand stabbings happen quite often maybe in a big city.. But it was so unnecessary.

Although, the feelings of losing a friend can send many into a spiral of grief… This just sent the main character into a spiral of asshole. Again, it happens when uneducated, immature people cannot cope with their emotions. (Not a bitchy comment but he was described to be exactly that).

A love story then grows, and it’s even weirder so I’ll spare you all and stop using negative words. Ultimately, the story revolves around the rebellion that happened a few years ago in the UK were people went crazy and started looting stores, putting things on fire, and just running around acting like hooligans.

It could have been so interesting to see it from their side, see the mental state they were in when committing all the crimes. Understand why things happened. But I just feel like this was a teenage romantic story gone very wrong.

 Score: 2/10




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