The Nap: Crucible Theatre

Set in the world of snooker, I had no expectations for this play. Despite it being full of A-Listers, I wasn’t expecting it to be so funny.

Although it had a serious theme running throughout the play, Richard Bean managed to add a hilarious twist to every situation. I have to admit though, if I watched this play as soon as I got to Yorkshire I wouldn’t have understood half the references in the play, but thankfully I’ve gotten used to certain areas in Yorkshire and got the enjoy the jokes in the play fully.

The play itself is based upon the life of a snooker player from Sheffield, Dylan, played by Jack O’Connell. He’s a typical Yorkshire lad with an extreme passion for snooker.

In the centre of the Crucible’s big stage, for many of the scenes, stands a snooker table, constantly drawing your eyes to it, even when it’s not being used.

Throughout the play you see the purity of Dylan’s heart as he’s pushed and pulled around by the corruption of con artists who just want to make money off Dylan by forcing him to lose a frame in snooker. After realising he was tricked he feels tainted and calls himself a cheat but still manages to make it through to the World Championship.

The love story twisted in the middle of the play wasn’t entirely convincing, but the actors carried out their roles passionately. And so although some parts of their love seemed random, and too hasty, Jack O’Connell and Rochenda Sandall were fantastic in their roles, despite the weird love story that grew between them.

The only parts of the play I didn’t enjoy was.. shocker… the part were they played snooker. Ironic to say for a play that was solely based around that. But it was shocking to see how good they played especially in a play, that has to be repeated night after night.

The director of this play Richard Wilson, definitely had an exceptional cast made up of Mark Addy (Bobby, Dylan’s father), Chris Brailsford (Seth), Esther Coles (Stella, Dylan’s Mother), Dermot Crowley (Danny, con artist), Louise Gold (Waxy, the Transgender gangster), Youssef Kerkour (Mohammad, con artist), Ralf Little (Tony, the hilarious manager) and Rochenda Sandall (Eleanor).

If you’re in Sheffield and get the chance to go, it’s definitely worth the money!




A very badly lit photo of my friend Caitlin and I before the play started 😁


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