Book Review: The World Before Us

I have many goals I want to accomplish this year. 

Reading at least one book a month is one of them. January was hard but I’m currently on a 3 and a half hour bus ride back to Sheffield so I’ll say it was an easy task to finish the book I was reading.

The world before us is a book about a woman, Jane, who experienced a tragedy at the age of 15. But now as a 34 year archivist in London we see her life through the eyes of the author as well as narrated by ghosts that are linked to Jane.

There are many short descriptions you can find online to help elaborate more on what I’ve said, especially on goodreads. There’s a very detailed description of the book on the New York Times

Alas I won’t continue to write about what the book is about, but about what I feel now that I’ve finished it.

Initially I borrowed this book from the Sheffield library as it mentioned the story taking place in Yorkshire, which is where I just moved to. So I was intrigued by the affiliation with my new home county and decided to take it out of the library for a while.

Now, if you’re reading this to gauge whether or not this is worth reading, my only answer is do it. It’s a complicated book which leaves you with many unanswered questions. But that just highlights the beauty of life. How nothing really gets answered.
I feel sad we didn’t get to see how Jane’s life progressed but I’m also annoyed about her escapades with a 19-year old boy from a village. It might have been light hearted fun for the author to include but I felt like it was out of place and the pages used up to talk about the boy could have been used to help find out more about the past.

If I was being truthful I did enjoy the book but wish the author went into a bit more depth at the end to not leave readers so lost when the final page was turned.

Score: 6/10


Zoë x


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