Oops.. My bad

So clearly I fail at blogging. I started this account five months ago and sort of… Forgot about it.

BUT I have a very valid excuse, which is I moved country! Although it’s a missed opportunity to not have blogged the stress and terrifying moments of going from an island of 400,000 people to a country with over 50 million people… I’m grateful I didn’t. 

I took the time of unemployment and house hunting to just.. Be me. A lonely Malteser trying to figure out her way around. Seeing as I’m in a city that has a population bigger than what Malta could ever have, it took me some time to adjust. 

I’m happy now, and feel like life has finally started to settle somewhat so a light bulb went off and reminded me, I love to document things.

Ergo internet I am back to my YouTube channel, back to blogging and putting too much information of my life on to the Internet and I do hope you enjoy the story telling.

You’re welcome to join in on the journey but for now may the pizza be with you🍕
Here’s a photo of Sheffield for you 🎉



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