Starting again?

It’s funny, fourteen year old me was obsessed with getting every word that popped into her brain down in a blog post, yet here I am at 22 nervous to even edit my Header Image.

It’s nice not giving a shit, but let’s face it, I do care about others knowing what I’m thinking about now-a-days. With our generation, social media is our world. We know what everyone is doing/ will be doing / did just by scrolling through their Facebook Newsfeed or Instagram.

Being an avid stalker myself, I can easily have someone from my past pop into my brain and I’ll just type away till I figure out what they’ve been up to the past ten years.

But this year marks my lucky birthday, the big 23. Little me always thought I’d have my shit together by now… Yeaaah. No.

So I want to document this year through a series of blog posts, videos (possibly if I ever manage to buy a laptop to edit on), and pictures. To remember the awesome adventures I go on as well as setting new goals for myself.

Little me had many goals to achieve by the time I had my lucky year, but clearly little me was naive.

Now, I’m just excited to see if I can keep this up, and what it will be like to look back at my unknowing past self.

For now, farewell internet humans!

P.S. Here’s a picture of the sea a few days ago when I went swimming with my girls. Yes, I know it’s gorgeous #MaltaLife 



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